About me

I am an illustrator.profilo copia copia

I work between Milan and Reggio Emilia, where I was born and where now I live.

I began working in 2010, as soon as I graduated at IED, European Institute of Design. I have stayed in Milan after my graduation for 4 years, working from my apartment and involving myself with a lot of different projects, from interactive design to scholastic illustration, from video cartoon producation to graphic facilitation, always as illustrator and drawer.

In 2014 I decided to move to Reggio Emilia, 1 hour and half far away from Milan by car, and I am based at Offine Gattaglio, a shared space with others freelances.

I run several projects simultaneusly. I am specialized in illustration for kids and children, beside my activity of graphic facilitator. Also, together with Giacomo Manzotti, we produce video cartoon, basically for companies.

I find new clients and new projects thanks to the network of professional relationships I have built in these years, through word of mouth and sometimes I am contacetd directly on the internet.

Clients: Fabbri, Mondadori Education, Pearson, Piccola Casa Editrice, Studio Base 2, Accenture, Area Stream, LabNext, Mai-Tai, Senesi Design, Equipe Design Grupe, TopLife Concierge, Challenge Network, Be-side, Warrant Training CS PMI, Amicucci Formazione e altri…